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The Council’s Development & Building Control Registers

The Council has an online register for records relating to both Development and Building Control. Please note that all registers are updated daily. Should you require assistance accessing details on the registers, or information regarding determined files, please contact the planning department on 01446 704681. For applications, appeals or enforcement cases that have not yet been determined, please contact the officer indicated.

The registers are as follows:

Planning Applications Register

A standard search allows you to choose your own criteria on which to search (e.g. Application Number, Location, Applicant etc).

Alternatively, the following predefined searches can be used (using the menus on left):
  • All outstanding planning applications (i.e. yet to be determined).
  • Planning Applications started (validated) in the last 28 days.
  • Planning Applications determined within the last 28 days.
  • Applications for Major Development awaiting a decision.
  • Householder applications awaiting a decision.

Commenting on a Planning Application

If you wish to comment on a planning application, the easiest way to do this is to view the record in the online register and to use the relevant link at the top of the page 'comment on this planning application' to submit your comments.

Please note that any comments submitted will be available to view via the Council's online register, accordingly please ensure that you do not include any information that you do not wish to be published such as phone numbers or email addresses in your response. Please note that if you respond via the online register.

Commenting on planning applications which are to be reported to Committee

When comments are submitted in relation to planning applications that are being reported to Planning Committee, outside of the statutory consultation period of 21 days, it should be noted that those comments may be received too late to be included within the formal committee report. This is because reports are usually prepared some two weeks before the actual Planning Committee Meeting.

In order to ensure that members of the public and other organisations/bodies with an interest in a particular application are not placed at a disadvantage, the Authority will accept and report observations received up until 12 p.m. on the day before Committee. These comments are circulated in the form of a late report to Committee members on the evening before Committee by Email and are presented in hard copy form at the actual meeting.

Privacy statement

This privacy statement explains how we use any personal information we collect about you when you use the Council’s Online Planning register.

What information do we collect about you?

When determining a planning or related application, the Council receives a variety of personal information from a number of sources, including the application form and any documents of support or objection, the applicant and interested parties. The types of personal information supplied can include:
  • contact information - your name, address, email address, telephone or mobile numbers;
  • your occupation;
  • information relating to expressed opinions or intentions in respect of a planning application.

Publication and Access to Information

In order to comply with its statutory obligations, the Council must make public certain details relating to planning applications in the form of a public register. Regulations allow this information to be made available on the Internet. The Council is also under a statutory obligation to publish on its website a list of planning applications. This includes the name and address of the applicant and, where an agent is acting for the applicant, the name and address of that agent.

Information for Applicants and Agents

The Council will publish on its website a copy of your completed application form and relevant supporting documents and drawings. This will include your name and address and, where an agent is acting for you, the name and address of that agent.

In order to protect your personal data from any unnecessary disclosure, the Council will remove the applicants telephone number, email address and signature from the information that may be viewed via the website.

Information for Consultees and Objectors

The Council may publish your comments on its website and this may include your name and address. If you do not want any personal information published you should ensure that you do not include your telephone number or email address in any written or typed correspondence and should use a typed signature.

The Council will not publish defamatory or obscene comments.

If an appeal against the application is submitted to the Welsh Government’s Planning Inspectorate, they will also publish your comments on the internet.

Data Protection

The Council will process your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will:
  • Only use the information for the purposes of dealing with and considering the application;
  • Only publish the information for as long as reasonably necessary.
Your responsibilities:
  • Only provide personal information if you are happy for it to be placed in the public domain, including publication on the internet.
  • Do not include personal information about another person (including family members) unless the individual concerned has consented and you can provide evidence of this consent.
  • Tell us as soon as possible if any of the personal information you have provided should change.

Planning Appeals Register

The online appeals register allows you to search and view details of appeals that have been made since 1990 in respect of planning applications and Enforcement Notices. Again, where relevant documents are available, these can be viewed. In addition to the Standard Search, the following predefined searches can be used (using the menus on left):
  • All outstanding appeals (i.e. yet to be determined).
  • Appeal Decisions during last 28 days.

Privacy Statement

Please see the statement for planning applications.

Planning Enforcement Register

The online planning enforcement register allows you to search and view alleged breaches of planning control that have been or are being investigated by the Vale of Glamorgan Council since 1996.

Where a legal Notice has been served (for example, an Enforcement Notice or a Breach of Condition Notice) such documents can also be viewed.

The standard search allows you to choose your own criteria on which to search (e.g. Council reference number, location, alleged breach, etc). The following predefined searches can also be used (using the menus on left):
  • All cases currently under investigation.
  • All cases started in the last 28 days.
  • Cases closed within the last 28 days.
  • Cases where a legal notice has been served (i.e. the Council’s register of Enforcement and Stop Notices).

Privacy Statement

There is a statutory requirement to publish an enforcement notice registers however given the potentially sensitive nature of this information, particular care needs to be taken to ensure that potentially damaging information relating to individuals is not made public unless justified under the Data Protection Act. Accordingly anyone making allegations about breaches of planning control should be reassured that their personal details will not be made available without their permission.

Given the above all enforcement cases identified in the register only deal with property addresses and do not detail any personal information except where enforcement notices have been served.

Building Control Register

The online building control register allows you to search and view Building Regulation Applications that have been submitted to the Vale of Glamorgan Council since 1996. When available, this includes associated documents.

A standard search allows you to choose your own criteria on which to search (e.g. Building Regs Number, Location, Build Type etc). The following predefined searches can also be used (using the menus on left):
  • Outstanding applications.
  • Applications Commenced within 28 days.
  • Applications Completed within 28 days.

Privacy Statement

Given there is no Statutory Register of Building Regulation applications, and the nature of the public interest, it is only relevant to show limited information about building regulation applications, e.g. application number, address, description of proposed development, relevant dates and application/development status. Applicants telephone numbers or email addresses are not included in the online register.


The Council cannot be responsible for the incorrect addressing of a property held on this register, or for information not found as a result of improper searching.

Printing / photocopying of plans ‘Pursuant to Section 47 of the Copyright, Design & Patents Act 1988, plans must not be copied without the Authority of the copyright holder’.

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